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Self Cleaning

High Flow Gas Pins

AEGIS Automatic Resin Shutoff Valve The SRS-2000

High Pressure Gas Lines,

Rated at 9,200 + PSI Working Pressure (63 MPa)

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The Ultimate Resin

Evacuation Method

ACV-02 Gas Line-Nozzle

Check Valves

Gas Assist Molding Services

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rotary resin shutoff valves

Gas Assist Nozzle &

Resin Shutoff Adapter

Self Aligning Nozzle Tips

Rotary Resin Shutoff Valves,

The Ultimate Positive Resin

Shutoff Valve

Drool Eliminator

resin shutoff valve

The Drool Eliminator®

Eliminates Nozzle Drool!

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USN Automatic Resin Shutoff Valve & Gas Injection Nozzle
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Gas assist molding equipment - used
NitroJection Gas Assist Equipment Recertified Gas Assist Equipment


Gas assisted injection molding is the process.  The right gas pins make gas assist molding efficient. is an AEGIS site specializing in the selection and details for gas injectors, also commonly called "gas pins," plus the latest accessories for efficient gas assist molding. AEGIS also provides full service in-plant product, process, mold development and process optimization for any current or new gas assisted molding program.  A key element to efficient gas assist processing is injector design for full pressure profiling capability. is a selector and guide designed to provide essential information for selection of the right injector for your gas assist program, with basic installation details.


Gas assist injection molding programs differ in that product design, resin selection, gating and tool configuration affects the efficiency of your gas molding process. The guide is only that - a guide. Let us help with selection of the right injector, and how it can be best used in your new gas molding program. Our objective is to assure that your gas assist molding process runs with the widest, most trouble free manufacturing window possible.

AEGIS works with and provides services to only the industry's leading manufacturers of gas assist controls, gas compressors and nitrogen generators. We provide product analyses, product and tool conversion techniques, and hardware and accessories for efficient application of gas assist processes are our specialty.

Gas molding eliminates sink marks, reduces cycle times, greatly expands design options, reduces tool maintenance and secondary finishing time! AEGIS' staff can help you do the right thing the first time, with as short a learning curve as possible!  AEGIS's team brings long term experience, adaptation expertise and processing efficiency to your operations. Let us help you reduce costs and become a preferred molder with gas assist molding methods.

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